The latest restoration project of 2nd Panzer's Pionier Squad.

Will we ever be able to make it work again?

The Flammenwerfer 41 was the most commonly used German flamethrower of WWII. Compressed nitrogen stored in small tank (1) was piped into the large tank (2) which is full of flame oil. The flame oil propelled by the compressed nitrogen left the large tank and traveled through the hose (3) to the wand (4). When the trigger (5) was pulled the flame oil shot out of the end of the wand (6). As the flame oil passed out of the wand it was ignited by a pilot light (7) that burned hydrogen.

We are seeking any flamethrower parts or even complete units for any of the FmW 41W or FmW 41P (also called FmW 42) series of German flamethrowers.

Listen to a real flamethrower!!!

The sound is actually a Vietnam era American flamethrower. This sound was recorded live at a reenactment in Pennsylvania.

Please contact the address below if you have any flamethrower parts or information.


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