German Squad Tactics in W.W.II by Matthew Gajkowski

A WWII German Squad Tactics Book in English

"A must regardless of whether you use Germans in your games."
Bill Rutherford  The Courier  America’s Foremost Miniatures Wargaming Magazine Issue number 70

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The first portion of this unusual book is a detailed review of German squad level infantry tactics using German regulations and American studies. It is highly illustrated and provides tactical exercises to illustrate points.

The second portion is a translation of German Panzer Grenadier squad tactics and reviews both mounted and dismounted tactics. Diagrams show the proper deployment both of dismounted infantry and half-tracks in combat. The last portion of the Panzer Grenadier section even provides illustrations and explanations of hand signals for mounted and dismounted Panzer Grenadiers.

The third portion contains tables of organization of various types of squads. This is not a book about theory. This is all about how the German squad operated.

A must for any German reenactor. Illustrated. 100 pages 8.5x11 in format. Only $19.99 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling.

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